Converting currency balances is easy and efficient

Multi-currency accounts

We offer efficient multi-currency accounts to all our individual, corporate and institutional clients. You can deposit one currency and buy a stock in another currency. You could convert currency balances in your account at very efficient terms and very easily.

How it works? Maybe you have started with us buy depositing some PLN in your account and have bought some Polish stocks. Then you could see an opportunity to invest in a stock traded in USD on NASDAQ. When you sell your Polish stock, the value of the sale will appear in your PLN cash balance. It is available for you to trade with it in any other currency you want immediately. Simply place an order to buy the USD stock you have selected. You don't have to convert the PLN into USD beforehand - you can, but you don't have to. Maybe you are not sure if the order will be executed and how much USD exactly you will need. To authorise your order our system will calculate automatically if your PLN balance is enough, even if it is in another currency. When the trade is executed, you will still see in your account a positive balance in PLN (from the sale of the Polish stock) and a negative balance in USD (this is the amount you need to have to pay for the purchase of the US stock). It is up to you to decide at which moment between the trade and the settlement date you want to convert the PLN into USD. To do that, simply place an order to buy USD against PLN from the same trading screen. The order will reach us immediately and we will execute it manually usually within a minute. If you don't convert your currency before the settlement date, we will convert it automatically at the exchange rate prevailing at that time. The exchange rates we apply in both cases are taken from the same source - the market. The spreads between bid and offer are the ones you would see on Infront, Bloomberg or another market data system. We execute your conversion at these rates and then we charge you a small commission.