Why Intercapital Markets

The right combination between local relationship and global access.

Local and International Market Access

ICM is a local broker for the Polish and Bulgarian stock exchanges. We offer full-service brokerage for these markets, including research, market insight and opinion on various stocks.

We also have Direct Market Access to the main markets in Europe and the US as well as to smaller, but very dynamic markets like Turkey and Romania.

You can fund your account with us in multiple currencies, convert them at market rates and trade stocks and other financial instruments in multiple currencies.

What's more, clients can trade all markets, including local ones like Warsaw and Sofia, from the same trading screen and the same account.

This allows you to benefit from a wider range of opportunities beyond your local market very easily without any hassle.


Reliable trading tools for traders and investors - desktop, web, mobile.

Trading Technology

We give you the entire range of trading tools from Infront - a leading provider ot market data and trading technology. You can choose depending on your needs between:

  • Infront Trader Pro. A desktop solution with a full range of sophisticated trading capabilities, like algos, click trading, basket trading etc.
  • Infront WebTrader. A web-based solution with intuitive, easy to understand features, available for you from any computer. Intercapital Markets is among the first brokers to implement this brand new product from Infront.
  • Infront Mobile Trader. Available for iPhone and iPad, Android and Blackberry 10 devices, so you can monitor markets, check your portfolio and trade on the go.


Better quality of order execution, delivered every day

Best Execution

Intercapital Markets uses an execution partner for most non-local markets, who not only handles your orders on an agency basis only (does not trade against their own book or against other client orders) but is also specialised in providing best execution in todays modern marketplace. Using a proprietary Smart Order Routing system our partner broker is consistently delivery better execution to its mainly institutional clients in Europe.  

Most brokers, especially in smaller markets in Easter Europe, send all your orders to one broker and clients usually can not know what are the order execution policies of that broker. Very often brokers execute your orders against their own book, against other client orders or send them to trading venues, where it is cheaper for them to execute, but prices are not necessarily the best for you.


Costs that are low, transparent and simple to understand


ICM has a very simple and easy to understand commissions structure. We charge the same low commission for most tradable markets. Many clients have been refraining from investing on other markets than their local ones, because generally the brokerage commissions are higher. Also, many brokers have very complicated tariffs, with different commissions for each foreign market.

At ICM commissions on stock market trades can be as low as 0,12% for most markets - Poland, US, Germany, France, UK, Nordic markets and the rest of Western Europe.

So you get not only the same trading tools and the same account, but also the same costs for most foreign markets as for your local market.


Not only brokers, we are also custodians for your assets

Segregated client money and assets

With ICM your foreign stocks and instruments are of the same nature as your local ones. You trade in the underlying stock, with settlement on the respective Central Securities Depository and safe-keeping in some of the safest custodians. Segregation of client assets and client-money rules apply in exactly the same way to local and international holdings.

For many clients electronic trading in foreign markets means you trade CFDs. While very often CFDs trading can be equally as safe, many clients still prefer to know that they can transfer their financial instruments to another broker at any time.


A great team

Portfolio management combining innovation and experience

In portfolio management we have innovative products, lower costs and above all – a great team combining experience and enthusiasm. 

Mr. Nicolay Mayster is now directly in charge of our ICM Target Portfolios. Mr. Mayster is a CFA Charerholder, with many years of experience having started his carrier in capital markets in 1997. 

ICM TARGET Portfolios is an innovative product giving you better access to portfolio management. Our various TARGET Portfolios allow you to design the optimal combination between risk and return, while benefiting from lower fees.