Solutions for Companies


Small and big firms use us for various reasons

Value-added brokerage services for companies

Our quality brokerage services can benefit many types of companies - big, small, local, international, listed or planning a listing. Maybe you have organised your personal investments through a corporate entity and it invests in financial instruments. Maybe your company has an economic exposure to foreign currencies, interest rates, commodity prices and you want to reduce your risks by hedging. Also, you could be running a listed company that plans a capital increase, or would like to make your shares publicly traded. We have quality services for all this instances.


Cross border and local services to issuers

Services to issuers

We are authorised to service rights issues for listed companies and IPO in Poland (Warsaw Stock Exchange Main Market and also NewConnect and Catalyst) and in Bulgaria. We have many years of experience helping companies raise capital or debt through public offerings and private placements of securities


Reduce and control your risks


Businesses have an exposure to many things they may want to control. It could be currency risk - if your company has revenues in one currency and expenses in another; interest rate risk - if you borrowed at a floating interest rate; exposure to commodities from oil to agricultural goods through metals. Today's financial markets have become much more accessible to all business sizes. You don't have to be a big airline to be able to hedge the risk of fluctuating fuel prices. We have a client who is a medium-size tour-operator who approached us because he wanted to manage the risk of changes in fuel prices that airlines were passing on to him. We have also had construction companies wanting to hedge fuel costs, because when they bid for public tenders today they give a fixed price and then they execute the works over 2-3 years, and during that period they are exposed to changes in fuel costs. Using exchange traded futures or options you can remove or reduce the risk of changing interest rates and commodity prices as well as foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations.


Optimise the use of your company cash balances

Cash Management

Corporate managers often don’t realise a brokerage account could serve them better than a bank if they want to optimise the use of their cash balances. The access to many different types of low-risk financial instruments (money-market funds, Treasury bonds, etc) represents a very good solution. The multi-currency feature of our brokerage accounts could also help to reduce your costs related to foreign exchange conversions. This is especially true for small company who can’t negotiate preferential terms with banks and also for companies dealing in smaller currencies like Turkish Lira, Romanian Lei, or others.