Get Infront - Open a Brokerage Account and Trade at Lower Commissions.

Our Infront Tariff for all New Clients Before the End of the Year

All new clients, who open a brokerage account with us before the end of 2017 will benefit from our Infront Tarrif - trade most available stock markets at 0.15% commission.

Usually the default tariff for new clients is the Basic (where most commissions are at 0.20%) and only after generating commissions of at least EUR 250 (or PLN 1000) in a calendar month, clients are upgraded to the Infront Tariff.

Now during the promotion period all clients who open a new brokerage account with ICM are automatically setup to trade at the INFRONT Tariff immediately. Furthermore, you will benefit from this tariff for life. If you generate higher commissions you can be upgraded to our PRO tariff, but you will never get downgraded below the INFRONT tariff regardless of your amount of business with us.

  • Promotion period - until 31-Dec-2017.
  • Other conditions - clients have to sign a Brokerage Account agreement with Intercapital Markets and fund their account before the end of the promotion period (31-Dec-2017). There is no minimum amount for the account.

For a detailed description of our Tariffs, please click here.


No Minimum Amount for Managed Accounts Invested in our ICM Target Portfolios.

TARGET Managed accounts available to everyone

No Minimum Invested Amount for new Managed Account agreements signed before the end of 2017 :

Many clients think managed accounts are not for them, because a large initial investment is required. Our standard terms provide for a minimum of EUR 10,000 to open a managed acocunt. We are now waiving that minimum, so everyone can benefit from our Target Portfolios.

  • Promotion Period - until 31-Dec-2017.
  • Clients have to sign a Managed Account agreement with Intercapital Markets AD before 31-12-2017; the account does not have to be funded before the end of the promotion period. We may at our discretion close accounts that remain unfunded after 6 months; there are no costs for opening, closing or maintaining an undfunded account.
  • The funds in the Managed Account may be invested in one or more of our TARGET portfolios.


Brand new Infront Web offered in Poland only by Intercapital Markets

Free Demo Account to Try Infront Web

Infront Web is the latest addition to the Desktop and Mobile trading and market data tools provided by Infront. Intercapital Markets is one of the first brokers around the world and the only one in Poland to offer Infront Web Trader to all it's clients.  

This new trading tool offers modern design and simplified use while still offering the reliable market data and trading access, clients are used to receive from Infront and Intercapital Markets.

You can now try the new Infront Web product with a Free Demo Account. Get to learn how it works and see for yourself if you would like trading with it. Send us an email with your name and email address and we will setup a Demo access for you.