Market Information

Information is money

High Quality Market Information

Clients often wonder why they have to pay for market quotes when some brokers provide it for free. This is because stock exchanges charge fees for providing real time information about quotes and transaction prices and volumes and they do it because this is valuable information. In order to ensure that real-time information reaches your screen (computer, telephone or tablet) certain infrastructure is required. Maintaining the quality of   information flow and ensuring that it is always active during market hours also costs money. And as you know, there is no such thing as free lunch. Other brokers, apply higher commissions to their clients, so that they can offer market data for free but still pay for the costs incurred.

In Intercapital Markets we apply transparent pricing model for all services we offer and which include market data. This means that we charge our clients only for the services they use. Before charging commissions for trades execution first we make sure it is one of the lowest possible. For market data, news, company analytics and many other pieces of information we charge a monthly fee. This means that you pay only what you actually use. We provide our clients market information through our Infront trading platform. In addition to real-time stock quotes, you can receive information about bonds, derivatives, company analytics of over 65 000 companies, recommendations of analysts, valuations and much more. For full description of all the benefits Infront can offer you as a source of market information, please click here.

For detailed price list of all information services available through our Infront trading platform, please click here.